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In the mood for fruits?

For over two decades, we have been importing the best fruit raw materials, from Apples to Tomato. What would you like?


How we work

As a globally established trading company with semi-finished products, we pay particular attention to consistently high quality. For us, the focus is always on the service concept for the producers and our customers.


What we deliver



✓ Juices

✓ Purees
✓ Concentrates

✓ Cells, "Sacs"

✓ Dices

✓ Whole fruit

✓ Segments/Slices

✓ Peel pieces/strips/granules

✓ Essential Oils

✓ Peel extracts

✓ FTNF Flavors

✓ Emulsions, fruit preparations, blends

"We rely on a long-term, trusting cooperation between producers and customers"

Steffen Lafrenz, company founder & managing director



Steffen Lafrenz GmbH
Katharinenfleet 2, 20457 Hamburg,

+49-40-36 10 32

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